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I first experienced The Hobbit at the age of 4, when my mom study it if you ask me, and I have now been a Tolkien lover actually since. And I have already been generally unhappy with Chris Jackson's undertake The Hobbit considering that the beginning. Garcia abused the mythos, hit out wanting to change a lighthearted children's guide into a trio of Serious Epics, and created fat, endless action scenes that did nothing to properly improve the plot (before that movie, the barrel-battle and the fantastic dragon-dip were probably the most egregious). I seriously couldn't consider a single scene which was maybe not addressed more effortlessly in the inexpensive 1970s cartoon. And I discovered it painfully evident that Jackson was wanting to cheat his way to achievement by reaching every one of the same records as he did in the Lord of the Bands films, if they created sense in that situation (the character Tauriel exists exclusively to be Arwen; the smoothness Alfrid exists entirely to be Wormtongue). Enjoy to watch full movie happy new year

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