The Benefit of Day Provision for People with Learning Disabilities 60

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Having a learning disability should never stop people from taking part in an enjoyable and proactive everyday life. For those who might feel isolated or limited by their condition, community-led projects and activities are an excellent way to help support their personal and social growth in a secure, local place.

Learning disabilities and the local community

Individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities might find it more difficult to digest information or learn specific skills, for example learning new things, communication, finance, reading, writing, or personal care. Although these problems will vary widely depending on the individual, it may impact on their capability to manage life independently. Some people might be able to go about daily life with minimum support, though others may need 24 hour care.

Without the right support people may find it tough to achieve independence and live on their own, or attend leisure activities or develop relationships. Though the right services can hugely help people live full and purposeful lives without the concern of being ostracised for their disability.

Local community projects give people the chance to get the helping hand they need to develop and meet others who can support their wellbeing:

• Anyone participating in the activities are treated equally as individuals and with respect. The service aims to promote their dignity, somewhere that's safe and free from maltreatment.

• The service may help people with disabilities to get more independent by helping them conquer disbeliefs through instances of success and building positive, proactive attitudes.

• At the same time the community service values each person's personality, privacy and particular preferences, delivering a structured solution to encourage them to become who they want to be.

• Day activities can help people with disabilities set out goals that are worthwhile to them and accomplish them, in a no pressure environment.

• The opportunity to get involved in the local community might help to increase people's confidence and self-worth, which may help them make more fulfilling lifestyle choices.

• Together with learning new skills, people partaking in day activities may see improved general wellbeing. The further support might better help people manage and balance their lifestyles for better day-to-day enjoyment.

• Community-based ventures provide support for carers, making sure that their loved one's needs are well-looked after.

Community Prospects CIC is a not-for-profit community interest enterprise, running a number of projects in Great Barr and Tamworth. The goal is to provide adults who learn differently with the chance to enjoy stronger independence, improved wellbeing and a lot more life choices. Our projects, from horticulture to furniture restoration, equally attempt to help individuals over the age of 16 make considerable strides forward with their lives and accomplish outcomes they firstly reckoned were beyond them.

You can find out more here about day care provision from Community Prospects.

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