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RTL Secret Millionaire successful result in two

The new real-life documentary by RTL "Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer" was on the eve of Sunday in the second round - and was once again cast a spell over the audience. This time it was the well-known cosmetic surgeon Afshin Fatemi, who suddenly swung scrubbing pots and pans instead of a scalpel and had to make significant gains in the same stuff on several auxiliary facilities. The unique feature of Secret Millionaire: The Secret Millionaire is not only working volunteers and unrecognized for seven days at the poverty lines of the Republic, he lives to the said party. Fatemi, for example, had the whole week to make do with around 50 euros - lived in a tiny apartment with no hot water and heating. The life of an asylum seeker, a real challenge for the RTL Secret Millionaire.

To support charities for the homeless, the sick and financially disadvantaged children is one thing, even collaborate once, when it comes to the alleviation of hunger and poverty, there is again something completely different - especially for millionaires, the daily prosperity and a certain degree are accustomed to luxury. Despite this they are the Cologne RTL television in his new reality concept is not satisfied because the RTL Secret Millionaire - by Holger Riemer about Afshin Fatemi to Axel Hesse - driving in the evening after work for a good cause not in the next five-star hotel Accommodation with full service. The participants live their new life of poverty after "closing time".

RTL sent in Secret Millionaire three millionaires to the poverty line

With around 50 euro survive, not on the day, but throughout the week. Every penny twice before spending it: For many people in Germany daily reality for the Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer at RTL a tough school and a true conversion, in which you have to take some hardship in purchasing.

Expected, as a little studio apartment and food from canned food, but also unexpected like cold showers morning and freezing because the heater does not work.

How hard this can be anything, surprised the millionaires who have absolutely been through partially in their professional life and at previous social commitment abject poverty: Fatemi, for example, traveled to medical mission through many crisis areas of the world, and Holger Riemer has been committed to for people who are not doing so well.

So close to the real lives below the poverty line as the project of the RTL Secret Millionaire but they were all probably never - an experience you will not soon forget, and which also provide in round three next Sunday with Holger Riemer ratings for RTL is.

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