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When the majority of us give thought to retail storage, we often think about the shiny shelving employed to carefully display clothing along with other items in a stylish way to the customer. However, the majority of shop storage actually happens away from the shop floor.

There's more than you would think relating to organising, storing and sorting vast amounts of products ready for sale and to achieve this effectively you have to have the best retail storage systems ready.

Have you considered shop shelving?

Obviously the initial thought for the retailer is usually the customer facing storage - how big a storage system should I choose? What shelving materials best suit the appearance of my store and brand? And how do I reap the benefits of the area I've got available?

When the shop shelving systems are determined your next task will inevitably be the storage and stockroom areas as it is in these areas that additional stock has to be categorised and correctly stored ready for the shop floor.

Taking stock

The important thing to effective stockroom storage will be to maximise stock and allow easy access to inventory. If you've got small space in your storeroom, then you'll need to think about the most effective method to distribute shelving to help make the most of the space. Mobile shelving is good in small stockrooms as you only have to have one aisle accessible at any time, whereas static alternatives need space between each row permitting access to the stock. Deciding on mobile storage systems may enable additional stock to be kept on the premises, thus lowering the need for more regular and expensive deliveries.

The difficulties of modern retail

Take into account that if your stockrooms are inadequately organised, customers may well face standing in a long queue for retail staff to locate the items they are trying to find. This could cost your company in loss of sales, not forgetting wasting important staff time.

Setting up your retail storage systems now will guarantee your business is ready for the obstacles ahead, like the rise of click and collect services which can undoubtedly put added pressures on stockroom areas.

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