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The stage contains the central experience of the event but it also has to make an impression in itself. A well-designed stage can enhance the overall theme and message you would like to get across through your event and help the experience go ahead without a problem. But, if you've got a small event stage with a limited amount of space, you may be wondering how you can create an impactful showcase without leaving minimal to no room to stand. To make the best of a small stage for your next event, here are some great layout and design tips and hints from the industry experts in staging and event sets.

What size will your list of attendees be?

In case you have only a tiny space to make use of matched against your large audience, you'll need to keep things simple. The stage components need to be bold, large and should be simple to find and appreciate from all possible angles.

If on the other hand you have got a smaller audience, you may benefit much more from sophisticated detailing. Your audience will probably be better capable of seeing every one of the features on your stage and pay close attention to them, so be sure to get the small details sussed and include more visual displays or props to excite enthusiasm.

You may not have quite as much space as you assume. Even a small set up will take up more room than you anticipate because of all of the support equipment you'll need. One particular way to combat this is to get your stage backed against a wall or in a corner of the event room so that it will look much larger.

You might also be thinking about widening the event stage on each side if the room has a low roof and you have got enough room to. Reflecting the set as well as any props on each side of the stage can certainly make a stronger visual impact as well as making it appear more substantial.

Go with lighter light fixtures

Massive and bulky fixtures will undoubtedly dwarf the size of your stage. Instead, make sure it is sleek and smooth with lightweight lighting options like LEDs which may be strategically placed and aren't set on a significant truss. Obscure your speakers

A quality tip for a small stage is to lift the stage floor and fix your speakers beneath it. If however this is not the most suitable choice for the acoustics, you can select smaller systems which can be put in line with the stage sides, so that they won't stick out or take up excessive room.

Don't forget about the decor!

The decoration and design must supplement what you would like to put across and be striking to maintain awareness. Giving your stage background an eye-catching backdrop, or perhaps develop a video presentation background if you have available screens. Decoration should extend beyond the stage and be consistent all over the room. This will tie in your stage elements to get more effect, and make the stage seem bigger than it is.

You might also wish to think about the stage floor - if you're leasing the stage it could be quite worn and detract from the calibre of your display. Covering it up with flooring or material in supporting colours or designs of the event or stage theme, may help develop a much better perception of your event action and also your brand.

You can find out more information here about making your small event stage spectacular.

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